Before becoming a homeopath, Elin was a trained classical musician and had spent several years providing storytelling and poetry-writing workshops for children.  Those years provided Elin with much insight and enabled her to champion a broad appreciation of what nurtures us from day to day.  Still holding that heritage dearly, she continues to tap into a depth of field perhaps uncharted by the mainstream and she maintains a contextual view of health and medicine. 


Elin believes that all medicine can be well complemented by nurture in the form of food and sense of community; she therefore provides courses to instil the power of gathering together to prepare the best possible suitable food for those generations now experiencing damaged microbiomes.  Drawing on her additional training as a G.A.P.S.TM Practitioner, Elin shows passion for how indigenous healing traditions are adopted and passed on.  There is no age limit for learning with Elin and her approach is fresh, even if some of the traditions she teaches are very old.


Working very much at grass roots level, Elin applies her overall expertise in supporting H.A.W.L.* farmers and G.A.P.S.TM** families, facilitating connections between people along the way. Consequently the quest for nourishment blossoms not only amongst individuals, but in the ongoing weave of cultural, ancestral and social fabric too.



* Homeopathy at Wellie Level   /   ** Gut and Psychology Syndrome