Elin was recommended to me at a time in my life when I desperately needed help to find a kinder and more sustainable way to help me with serious health issues. 

I had suffered from eating disorders all of my life.  At the time at which I met Elin I had also been diagnosed with HPV and pre-cancerous cells in my uterus.  It was the alarm bell that finally woke me up.  The severity of the conventional treatments I was offered scared me so I turned to the medicine that I knew from my childhood in France.

Elin has an invaluable listening capacity.  She works in unison with you, her patient.  Since working with Elin I have rid myself of the eating disorder that was destroying my body and eating up my life.  I still follow homeopathic treatment to help me continue to unravel and heal from past traumas.  My life today is constructive, I have been able to build a relationship and a creative studio as an independent artist.  I still have daily life struggles as we all do, which I learn to navigate better through having a talented practitioner at my side, who continues to help me in my self-development and healing journey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Maud







"I went to Elin seeking a remedy to clear my sinus and lingering cold, but I quickly realised, through Elin's calm questioning, that homeopathy encompasses a person's whole life rather than a single symptom. The opportunity to convey previously untold emotions has been a contributing factor to the success of the treatment."




"Following the birth of my second son, I suffered from physical injury that required stitches. A midwife advised me to contact Elin. I wasn't sure what to expect but assumed that we would be addressing the gynaecological issues only. However the consultation turned out to be an opportunity to visit broader physical and mental themes, something that I had never experienced before.


The stitches were taken care of but the whole-person approach of homeopathy supported me in other ways too. I had never even acknowledged some of the issues worrying me, and as a result of this treatment I feel calmer and more able to cope with stress."




"I first got in touch with Elin Alaw many years ago when my health was at a low ebb. Little did I know that I was her first patient!


Following the success of that first homeopathic treatment, Elin also provided homeopathic treatment for my young family with sensitivity, friendliness and professionalism combined. I took the opportunity to attend her Introduction to Homeopathy course in Tremadog and the subject impressed me so much that I continued to read and study in my spare time. 10 years later I enrolled for a Certificate in Homeopathy course with the The Practical School of Homeopathy, London. I wholehartedly recommend Elin's service and care as a homeopath."




Over the course of fifteen months I was given several conventional medications including antibiotics and steroids.  But their side effects - four in all - were troubling: episodes of panic, constant anxiety, itchy arms and legs and hot flushes.  Homeopathic medicines from you made me better.  Gratitude for them.  They work.